December 22, 2010

Gambar Hari Ini!

Do I have to go to school today, Mum?

Why do I have to touch the car, Mum?

Mum, Along thought that she is taller than me! Na'ah!

Get this one, Mum!

This is one of the Korean dance!

Now, Mum!

Again, Mum!

Am I cute? Nope

Nobody but Joon Ki!

This is the red door, get it!

Cool ain't it!

Can you see the snow?

Here, listen!

Hold on, Mum!

I'm done, Mum!

Finally, its me!

The graves!

The yard!

The trees!

Zillions photos of Widad, four of mine, a couple of Alim's and one of Along with Widad! Whats with Widad? Whose blog is this?

Radford Grove Lane, Nottingham yang suka bila snow dah turun!