December 22, 2010

The First Snow: The Second Swoosh!

Well, today, finally the snow is here. It was actually last night. I did not get to see the snow from the sky but I saw the snow on the car during my usual morning peep through the window to check the graves and the dogs and the people with the dogs and something on the graves and the dogs!. Yup drizzling  with snow my friend!  But I can still see the grass at the backyard. Can still fry the prawn dumpling for the guests this morning. Will wait patiently for the blizzard. I really want the blizzard. I want to feel the blizzard. Muahahahahhahha! Sounds like a wicked ugly woman! So tomorrow, will take the kids for ice skating at the square at city centre. Me? I will not or even think of putting that ice skate on. I will definitely break the hips. That old hips of mine! 

Radford Grove Lane, Nottingham.