June 23, 2011

Foods Temptation in Malaya

Food would be the most important thing in my life (only me?) when we just got back here in Malaya (no more cooking activity for me!). So, after craving for a year (only a year, lucky me), I had a list of foods lining up and I managed to dry the non stop drool. Euww!

Sunday: Satay Kajang
Monday: Yati Ayam Percik
Tuesday: Ani Sup Utara
Wednesday: KFC tortilla wrap (I had no choice at that time. I hate KFC)
Thursday: Nasi berlauk at Masjid Hijau Serdang (the weather was 45 degrees. DIE)
Friday: Sushi King
Saturday: Chicken Rice Shop
Sunday: Sushi again at Klang Jusco

Thats it! Not that I was (at one time) desperately craving for foods (do pronounce as foods since I can eat almost anything (including bugs) that can be eaten-previously), but it was just the temptation when I was out there somewhere in England and Ireland.

Presumably, am done with the craving now!