January 21, 2012

Just One Week

It has been a week now. A week of no writing. 

Widad came back yesterday. With three weeks of college stories. Aha, my two ears had to listen to two different stories from Muhammad and Widad concurrently and they were actually trying to get the 'aha' feedback from me. 

So, I was all ears yesterday.

Like what Muhammad uttered to our ears,

'Biar tak handsome, tapi jangan pekak!'.

As for today, we went to get some groceries (Nilai). Went back home to stack all the foods. Straight to Bangi to get six baskets for the hantaran. Went to Alamanda just to get some Baskin Robin (which we did not even get it since, we totally forgotten about it). Bought a pair of shoes for Maisarah for the wedding.

Opps, ate a bowl of seafood mushroom tom yam goong (ignore the goong!).

Went back home via the 'other' road home. Just to avoid the usual jam to Nilai. Nope. Did not see any hanging ghost. Thought of going to pasar malam but unfortunately 'kenyang' (korean word, mind you).