December 23, 2011

Meet John

I have this habit of calling the male students with the name 'John' and the female students with the name 'Jane' (actually dah offer either Mamat and Minah or John and Jane so they would rather have the latter).

So this semester, I have one special John. He was actually representing Malaysia for archery for 4 long years before. Yup, Malaysia, peeps! 

He likes to be called John! He is proficient in Korean too since his training previously was in Korea (several times). OK, not that Korea where the president died. Nope. Korea where Song Seong Hun is still alive and handsome (arghh!). 

So, to John, good luck in your games (future). Make sure you win this time. 

Trying to get his photos soon to be put in this blog. 

So, John, I need your photos asap. Araso!

P/S  Do not mistaken this John with that John since my John is there waiting.