October 27, 2011

SungKyungKwan University, South Korea

DrNotts: Ada conference di Sungkyungkwan University next year. 

Jasper: What? We have to go. 

John: I want to be included as well. Sungkyungkwan uni for crying out loud.

DrNotts: I know. I can't imagine the modern Sungkyungkwan uni. Actually I would rather see the old buildings. 

John: Am I included?

Jasper: Ticket wise? Should be 20k all in?

DrNotts: You pay for all okay! 

John: The 20k will include me in, right?

Jasper: Hey, you better chip in. 

DrNotts: Make sure we stop at Busan and Jeju Island. And loads of maggie (which I hate!).

John: I'll buy the petty stuff.

Jasper: So, are we really going?

DrNotts: We'll see.

John: Include me in. Helloooooo!

Jonah: Gulppp!