October 4, 2011


Telephone conversation between a 12 year old Alim with me (the mum).

Alim: Hi, mum!

Mum: Hi. Is that you, honey?

Alim: Yup.

Mum: Why are not at school? Is it  school holiday today?

Alim: I just don't feel like going to school today, mum!

Mum: Is it okay if you don't go to school?

Alim: Mum, we did not do anything at all. Just borak-borak and its tiring! So its kinda bored like, you know!

Mum: Have you written the itinerary for our one week break?

Alim: I'm doing it now, mum! (Pause. Pause. Pause. A very long pause.) Mum, when can I quit school and start working?

Cita-cita besar betul budak kecik ni!