November 14, 2011


Had a bizeh weekend. Had fun though. Frankly speaking, too exhausted. 

Received a call from UiTM this morning. No. Not another job offer for me (got tonnes of it lately!). I wish I got one from UiTM since I am like dreaming of teaching there since like ever. UiTM di hati semua. Heh.

Widad will be having an interview at UiTM this friday. Yup. She had one interview with the Korean Embassy last two weeks but she did not get the scholarship. What a wehh! Out of thousand application for the scholarship (Korean Embassy) only nine were called for the interview. 

Widad was one of them. Only one place for the scholarship. Three malays and six chinese. Of course one of the chinese got the place. Korean ancestors were chinese so self-explanatory although she had the bestest results for O-level and during the interview, she spoke in Korean. See! Tiada rezeki di situ.

After a long devastated frustration (Widad), she managed to overcome it with a five second chat with me. She is fine till date. 

Today, the call made my day. I was so happy. Hey, Widad is supposed to be happy. Well, the mother is always the drama queen. 

So Friday is the interview. Diploma in Masscomm. So got to be interviewed. A special invitation, it seemed. She is the only candidate since the rest had their interview many moons ago and will start the class next monday. Yup. Monday class starts. Yet, Widad will be specially interviewed by the Dean, himself. 

Anyways, just doa a lot for her future. Although she is now taking her SPM. I told her, just do your best for you SPM. We need the BM paper with credit at least.

If no UiTM, there will be another. By the way, KLIUC also offered her a place for foundation. Supposedly the class for KLIUC starts on the 8 of November. Already started. Like duhh! She did not go or take the offer since she would rather be in the government uni. No offense to Sr Siti Nur Aliaa Roslan!

Monday is good. Really a long rest day for meh!