September 2, 2010

Alim - 91

Limerick, Ireland.

Two days at school for Alim.

If there is a tree and rocks around it, you should not cross over because it is bad luck. For example, there is still a tree on the way to Galway. 

If you see four magpies, you will get a baby boy and if you see five magpies, you will get a baby girl. 

Walking below the ladder is bad luck.

If a black cat walks pass me, it is bad luck.

Throw salt over your shoulder.

Why kind of relationship between Hades and Zeus? They are brothers (Alim knew this answer)

Zeus's son? Apollo (Alim knew this one too).

Apollo who? Apollo is the goddess of huntering and music (Alim knew this too).

Apollo's job for every morning? To go in the chariot with four horses by bringing the sun down to earth (Alim answered this one). I don't understand this one at all!! horses? chariot? sun down to earth?

cen aois thu means 'How old are you?' in Irish.

trathnona means 'afternoon' in Irish.

Alim is becoming Irish!