May 20, 2013

Yup, am backkkkk! (From Korea to Malaysia)

1. I have made a comeback like the k-poppers! Say yehaa! ok no.

2. I managed to say ok with the hot weather.

3. Bought a lot of stuff for the house like new beddings, dining table, fridge (lee seung gi's fridge), electric cooker, oven and loads more.

4. Bought a bungalow (7 bedrooms and 5 toilets) which costs RM 2.7 million (around 900 million won) at country height by using my hard work money from Korea.

5. Stayed overnight at Kuala Selangor De Palma for two night. Bleugh!

6. Ate loads of Malaysian cuisine which turned out to be more nightmares than craving. Arghhhh!

7. Hmmm, what else? Yup, just don't want to go shopping anymore. Had enough of those for these two months.

8. Item number 4, I lied. Big fat lie. I don't have that much money! How I wish!

9. Item number 2 also a lie. The lying mouth says ok to the hot weather but the face says no due to big time pigmentation. Cis.

10. Frankly speaking, I am not totally back to writing as yet. Will find the momentum which eloped  with my fair skin like two months ago. Eh.